Dave Frederick
Mechanical Engineer

Dave Frederick has worked one year at 3M, two years at the King Company of Owatonna, MN, 30 years at U.S.S. Minntac, and eight years at TRITEC. He has been a mid-level manager his entire career, which has allowed him time to do design projects that lower operating costs and increase equipment availabilty.

Examples of Dave's work experience:
Work with Timken engineers on learning tapered roller bearing application of preload versus end play to maximize swing shaft bearing life on P&H mining shovels and other applications as well.

Work with boiler control technology specialists to simplify dedicated high temperature, high pressure, hot water heating boilers.

Work with mechanics to create fixtures to more safely handle and position large and heavy components on shovels and trucks.

Design more robust agglomerator cooler pallets to allow rebuilds or provide more air flow for newly constructed units.

Design stronger more environmentally friendly 1200 gallon fuel tanks for Caterpiller 240 ton mining trucks.


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