Mon, 01 Jun 2009
In the summer of 2008, RMS TriTec started running 24/7 and has continued to operate around the clock, despite the slow economy. The work force has increased to about 50 employees, with about 40 new jobs to be added within the next year. RMS TriTec will continue current operations, such as building large stacks for companies like Mesabi Nugget, as well as entering into new avenues, such as wind power.

Looking toward the upcoming needs of the power industry, RMS TriTec is preparing to join the effort to harness wind energy. Within the next year, RMS TriTec will be ready to start producing the steel towers to support wind turbines, which are increasing in demand due to the federal renewable energy mandate. With only about 38 manufactures of wind towers worldwide, the power industry will need more wind tower manufacturers to reach with the goal of 25% renweable energy sources by 2025.

RMS TriTec has been approached by two turbine manufacturers to become their exclusive wind tower supplier. Some of these wind towers may end up close to home, since the city of Mountain Iron, MN is planning on building a wind farm, similar to the wind farm at the Taconite Ridge north of Virginia, MN.

The purchase price for one 240 ft. tower is at least $350,000 and RMS TriTec will be building about 125 of the towers each year, increasing sales revenue from about $8 million to over $40 million. This will be a big step for RMS TriTec, nearly doubling the staff, and adding larger capacity facilities on site.
"I've always said, 'Dream big,' and I believe that." -- Mitch Robertson

Tue, 25 Sep 2007
Starting in 1995 with one welder, one part-time secretary, and Robertson's dream, RMS TriTec has grown to 42 employees an nearly 6.5 million sales. RMS TriTec now has the largest equipment ability to form steel north of Chicago. In September, 2007, RMS TriTec was busy building parts for a large coal handling facility in Chicago. Gold mines in Canada are also major clients.

RMS TriTec is a major producer of mining equipment for local mining operations, including a 560 gallon road dust reduction water tank for Hibbtac, the smoke stacks at Norshore, and scrubber system for US Steel.

RMS TriTec is also a source of new innovations, such as the 1135 gallon fuel tanks RMS TriTec designed to contain the deisel fuel for large production trucks in local mines.

In the spring of 2007, RMS TriTec invested in a high definition computer controlled plasma cutter. RMS TriTec also has the largest steel shearer of its kind in Minnesota. These investments are key in preparing for upcoming business with billions of dollars in mining projects on the horizon.


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