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Ductwork and stacks are found within a wide range of industries.

At RMS Tritec, we provide over 25 years of experience in the fabrication of ductwork and stacks.  We offer only the best steel fabrication, machining, and manufacturing to fit our customer’s duct and stack needs.


Full-Service Ductwork & Stack Manufacturing

The fabrication of ductwork and stacks is one of our areas of expertise. This expertise, incorporated with our capabilities, allows us to be a full-service duct and stack manufacturer.

We start by engineering the final product our customers need and continue through the manufacturing process. We then apply the customer’s specified coating which lines the inside and outside of the ducts and stacks to ensure longevity.


Experience One of the Nation’s Best in Ductwork & Stack Fabrication

RMS Tritec has the capability of rolling and forming the steel necessary for manufacturing nearly any shape, size or configuration of stacks and ductwork. We carry the latest drafting software for speed, proficiency and quality, plus the ability to take your prints and create detailed shop drawings.